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Bad credit van finance

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Bad credit van finance

Bad credit can put lenders off wanting to borrow you money for a new van, which can be devastating if your van is crucial to your livelihood.

If you’re concerned about applying for van finance because you have a low credit score, that’s understandable.

At Hippo, we believe in trying to help people who have fallen on financial hardship or haven’t been able to maintain a good credit score, so we take a different approach.

The Hippo commitment

You should have the right to access a van that helps you improve your livelihood and take your business to the next level. So, we provide a product and a service that allow you to:

  • Ditch the stigma of bad credit borrowing by working with a responsible broker and lender.
  • Invest in your future by buying a car that helps you improve your livelihood or business.
  • Improve your financial credibility, so you’ll be more attractive to lenders in the future.

How to get van finance with bad credit

  • Step 1
    Step 1
    Check if you'll be accepted - with no impact on your credit score!
    Simply fill in our quick and easy form and we'll let you know within minutes if you'll be accepted.
  • Step 2
    Use the Hippo Portal
    to find your car
    Once you've been accepted for finance, you'll get exclusive access to our portal, where you can browse 100s of vehicles and reserve your dream car.
    Step 2
  • Step 3
    Step 3
    Drive away in your dream car!
    We offer 48 hour nationwide delivery! Or, you can pick your car up from our showroom on the same day.

What type of finance do you need?

Business van finance
1. Business van finance
Our most popular option, most of our van finance customers need a van because it fuels their livelihood or is critical to business operations. We can finance individual vans or fleets, whatever your circumstances.
Personal van finance
2. Personal van finance
If you don’t own a business it doesn’t mean you can’t finance a van. Vans are practical, useful vehicles that can transport anything from camping gear to unwanted rubbish. If you need a van for personal use, we can help.

3 benefits of using Hippo for van finance

1. Use bad credit specialists
You won’t find anyone in the van finance business that has our expertise in the bad credit sector. We work with specialist bad credit lenders that help people that suffered financial hardship.

2. Pay nothing for 30 days and avoid paying a deposit
We understand that running a business can be hectic, so we allow our van finance customers to avoid the cost of a deposit and don’t pay anything for 30 days – giving you time to save for your first payment.

3. We keep your monthly payments low
Balancing the books can be tricky, so you don’t want a large expense exiting your account every month. That’s why we work with responsible lenders that offer competitive rates, so we can keep your payments low even if you don’t pay a deposit.

3 benefits of using Hippo for van finance
How can Hippo help me get accepted for new van finance?

How can Hippo help me get accepted for new van finance?

If you’re trying to finance a van with bad credit, you’re probably concerned about rejection, and what that would mean for your business. Your poor credit history may not be as limiting as you think.

With over 50 years’ experience, we help people get the van they need, and Hippo knows that finding the perfect van at the right price is easy if you use the right company. No jargon. No finance riddles. Straightforward van finance.

Our team has plenty of experience helping people get the van they want, and you’ll get access to our panel of specialist bad credit lenders – which will increase your chance of acceptance. Start today with our FREE soft credit check that won’t affect your credit score.

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Check Your Credit Score

As a responsible broker, we always recommend picking the finance package that’s right for you. You can do a FREE soft credit check with us that won’t affect your credit score, but you can get an idea of which finance package you’d prefer beforehand:

Hire purchase
A loan which allows you to pay a set monthly instalment. Once you’ve paid off the finance, you’ll own the van, so you can part-exchange it, either sell it or keep driving it.
Personal contract purchase (PCP)
A loan that allows you pay a monthly instalment, except you don’t pay off the full value like HP. You’ll have an option to pay a balloon payment at the end of the agreement if you want to own the van.
Personal contract hire (PCH)
A loan that allows you to pay a monthly instalment, except you won't have the option to own the van. PCH is ideal for people that know they want a van but aren’t interested in owning the vehicle.
3 reasons to trust Hippo with your next van purchase

3 reasons to trust Hippo with your next van purchase

As a responsible broker specialising in working with people who have bad credit, we aim to set ourselves up as a trustworthy broker. Here are three reasons to trust our service.

  • All our vans come with a free 172-point check, and no vehicle leaves our showroom without passing it.
  • We offer a 14-day returns policy, so if you aren’t happy with your vehicle you can get your money back.
  • As well as your returns policy, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive an extra six months warranty from Hippo.

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"Very good service and fantastic staff, plus, I received my van within a week from start to finish"
Mark Davies | 23/11/2019
Can I get a van on finance with bad credit?