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Where’s the Cheapest Place to Own a Car in the UK?

We recently completed our investigation into the costs of owning and maintaining a car in the UK. We mapped out the results to see how much costs varied around the country, and discover which areas came in below the average costs motorists face for insurance, repairs, fuel and actually buying a car.

Across the UK the costs to motorists varied. Some areas benefitted from lower insurance costs, others had lower repair costs. Scotland stood out as the area offering some of the best value to motorists, but how did it do this?

The cost of repairs

Across the UK, we identified that the cost of repairs differs wildly – not only by region, but also whether you take your car to a franchised garage or an independent one.

In general, garages that are part of a large franchise tend to be more expensive than independently owned garages.

Scotland was one of the cheapest places for car repairs. We worked out the average costs of franchised and non-franchised garages in the country as £92.20 and £59.59, respectively. Scotland was around 20% cheaper for franchised garages, with the average cost in a franchised garage being £76.20. This was the cheapest franchised cost in the UK.

This was one of the key reasons why it topped the list for cheapest places to own a car in the UK. Comparatively, other areas, particularly across the North, also came in under the average, but not to the same degree as Scotland.

The cost of insurance

We looked at the cost of insurance for 31 to 35-year-old male and female drivers across the UK.

The cost of insurance appeared to decrease in much more rural areas, such as the North East, South East and Scotland.

Scotland wasn’t the cheapest place, overall, for car insurance – that distinction fell to the South West. However, its relatively low insurance costs contribute to the overall savings motorists in the area can make.

The cost of buying a car

One of the UK’s favourite vehicles is the Ford Fiesta. It’s also a popular first car for new drivers and a reliable choice of vehicle for many motorists across the country.

As part of our research, we looked at how much a common car, like the Fiesta, would cost in different regions of the UK.

Once again, Scotland was the cheapest. The cost of the car didn’t vary as much, however, with £643 being the difference between Scotland (at the cheaper end of the scale) and the South East (the most expensive).

The cost of fuel

The cost of fuel around the UK varies. Prices can fluctuate by a few pence every day. During our research, we used government figures to identify that the average cost of petrol until June 2019 was 122.9p per litre. We then compared these figures with findings from

The figures from looked at fuel prices from around the UK. These all came in higher than the government figures.

The UK cost of fuel didn’t vary all that much across the different regions. The cheapest was the North West at £1.27 per litre. The most expensive was Scotland at £1.29.

But as there was only 2p difference, the impact this had on Scotland’s overall costs for motorists was negligible.

Scotland performed well in each area we studied. The savings, individually, might not be that impactful. But when taken as a combined sum (£8908.58), they represent a saving of nearly £650 against the national average for motorists (£9540.30), which is a sizeable amount of money.

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