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Top Gadgets For Car Drivers

There are some fantastic gadgets out there for any car owner that will surely make your journey a little more enjoyable, exciting or just quirky on the driveway.

The talking car horn app is a great way to occupy your time when you’re either sat waiting in traffic or queues and will definitely give you and other road users a bit of a chuckle. It allows you to personalize your car horn to however you like it or you could have a bit more fun making some animal noises. Although the app is free you will have to buy the talking car system. So, enjoy some chuckles yourself and from a few passers-by too.

If you enjoy listening to loud music then the Jack Hammer subwoofer could be the perfect gadget for you. As the car shakes and vibrates thanks to the sheer power of it will definitely make your hair electrify! And that isn’t a joke, it really does. Weighing 167kg and producing 6000 watts it is the largest and heaviest subwoofer available commercially.

Another gadget that motorists need is a GPS navigation system. What a fantastic invention. A necessity that only a few can live without. With roads always changing any new ones being built GPS navigation systems are always a good idea in case you get lost or to simply find the quickest or easiest route to your destination. Garmin’s latest design has kept both beauty and safety in design. The sleek GPS system sits nicely on your dashboard and projects the display onto your windscreen. It also tells you what lane to stay in for your next turn which can be extremely useful.

GPS Projector

The VW Fatigue Detection System is a fantastic gadget which detects when you’re beginning to feel tired and sleepy. It reads your in-car behaviour and steering wheel movements and alerts you if you begin to lose concentration, then recommends you to take a break. If you ignore that warning it will tell you again 15 minutes later. A perfect gadget for anyone who drives long distances.

If you can’t quite afford to buy yourself a new car with a monstrous V8 engine but want to get behind the wheels of one then your next purchase should be The Vroominator. It makes any vehicle, no matter how small, sound like an absolute monster. The gadget is synchronised to your vehicle’s alternators signal so the sound of the V8 engine matches your vehicles acceleration.

If you’re looking for a pair of new tyres then you must treat yourself to some Polaris Airless tyres. They can withstand 50-caliber rounds, railroad spikes and have no problem driving over any terrain. Even in the worth weather conditions the Polairs Airless tyres are fine. They definitely won’t go flat, leak or burst whatsoever. Although they have a hefty price tag, they could be worth it.

These are just some of the odd and advanced car gadgets we found on Arabian Business. Different countries are playing catch up with technology but a lot are creating useful models that improve driving experiences. We’ll stick to providing competitive car finance solutions and leave the gadgets to the tech professionals!


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