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Top 5 Worst Driving Habits


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Many of us have picked up some pretty bad driving habits over the years. Whether it’s leaning too far back in your seat, not having your hands in the correct wheel position, or even texting whilst driving. We’ve all been guilty of bad driving habits at some point, and while some habits aren’t too harmful, some can be really dangerous.

Have a look at our top 5 worst driving habits to see if you’re guilty of any of them! Don’t worry if you are though, because we’ve posted some useful solutions too.

Bad Parking
Parking in illegal spaces and just bad parking in general is easy to do if you’re in a rush, or for people who aren’t confident parkers. Although some people are just plain lazy! Bad parking can be a huge inconvenience to other drivers, and you could even damage your car trying to get it out of a badly parked spot. There can also be some hefty fines attached to parking in illegal spots. If you have difficulties or issues with parking, you can always arrange to travel earlier to find a better space, or spend time practicing your parking skills.

Speeding is a huge problem, especially though yellow lights and residential areas. It may seem like a good idea at the time, to try and get to your destination quicker, but it’s a highly dangerous habit. As well as receiving a big fine if you get caught, you are putting yourself, other drivers, and pedestrians at risk. Try investing in a satnav to let you know where speed cameras are, and set off a bit earlier to avoid having to speed.

Distracted Driving
Driving whilst distracted is a very common problem, whether it’s listening to the radio too loud, eating food, or chatting to a passenger. Some ways to avoid distracted driving are:
– turn down the radio/music when you need to concentrate.
– don’t eat and drive. Park up somewhere to eat, so that you can use both hands safely on the wheel.
– If you are chatting to passengers, always keep your eyes on the road and focus on what you’re doing.
You basically want to make sure that your full attention is on the road!

No Signals
Merging recklessly into lanes without checking, cutting people off, and not using indicators are some really bad habits, and probably the biggest cause of road rage. We all know what it’s like to be cut off by another driver, so make sure to take extra care to check your blind spots before manoeuvring, and make sure to always indicate when necessary. It’s a huge matter of safety, and you don’t want to cause any accidents.

Using Cell Phone
One of the worst habits on the list is one that many people are guilty of: texting and driving. This includes people making calls, texting, or just generally checking their phone. This is mainly because people feel confident that that can use their phone and drive safely at the same time. However, this is incredibly dangerous! Not only are you distracted mentally, but you don’t have both hands on the wheel either. In 2011 23% of collisions involved mobile phones.

One way around bad habit is to put your phone on silent when you’re driving, so you’re not distracted. You can also get a hands free device, and make important phone calls before or after your journey. If you desperately have to use your phone, pull up somewhere safe to do so first.

Hopefully after reading some of our bad habit solutions, you can make yourself a better driver! If you’re interested in getting a car that is generally safer, and can even help with some of your bad driving habits (i.e. satnav and parking sensor), why not check out getting a cheap car on finance. Alternatively if you live in the Northwest, you can also get car finance in Blackburn.

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