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Top 3 Safest Cars

Car financing in Lancashire is very popular and is an easy way to drive the car you love – and the safest. Car finance for bad credit is also available as well as zero deposit deals.


What makes a car safe?
When it comes to choosing a car, we tend to go for which has the best appearance, the most high-tech entertainment and the most amount of space it features. But the safety is undoubtedly the most important thing when looking for a new car and you should always keep this in mind.

There are a range of different safety systems which aim to make your driving experience a little more secure:
– Traction Control : This system aims to help prevent your wheels from spinning by using the anti-lock brakes.
– Electronic Stability Control (ESC) : ESC aims to help improve the vehicles stability – it detects and reduces loss of traction.
– All-Wheel Drive: This maximizes traction by distributing power to the front and rear wheels.
– Backup Camera: This is an additional extra which help you be more careful when reversing –  it improves your view of the surroundings.
– Seatbelts: All cars do have them as they aim to protect you from any sudden braking. Some cars do feature adjustable belts which suit your body, protecting you extra.
– Airbags: These are a standard safety feature which protect if there’s any hard braking or even crashing.
– Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): This system helps to prevent skidding and is the most popular safety system. It enables the wheels to maintain tractive contact with the road surface when braking and stops the wheels from locking and it helps to avoid any skidding.

Which cars are the safest?
Kia Sportage
The Kia Sportage is known for becoming one of the most popular SUV competing with the Nissan Qashqai and the Ford Kuga. Of course, the Sportage does rank a lot higher when it comes down to safety.
What’s included?
– Air bags for the driver and passenger and also side head and chest air bags.
– Belt pretensioner for all seats which aims to help tighten any slack within the seatbelt.
– Isofix is fitted within the rear seats.
– Seat belt reminders are installed.
– ESC is fitted.
– Auto emergency braking (AEB) is an option which aims to prevent any crashing or reduce the impact.

Toyota Avensis
The Toyota Avensis is one of the most reliable and safest cars on the road. This saloon is a great value for money as you get a wide range of safety systems which can cost a little extra if not included within the car.
What’s included?
– Front, side head and side chest airbags.
– Belt pretensioner.
– Isofix system for the rear seats.
– ESC is fitted, along with AEB city & inter-urban.
– Speed assistance and lane assist are both available for you to add.

Volvo XC90
Ranking way at the top of the safety list is the Volvo XC90 which doesn’t disappoint, especially when it comes to keeping its driver and passengers safe. This 4×4 is extremely impressive to say the least.
What’s included?
– A range of airbags including the front airbag, side head airbag, side chest airbag and knee airbag.
– Belt pretensioner for all seats.
– Isofix which can be available for the passenger seat as well as the rear seats.
– Seat belt reminder for all seats.
– ESC is fitted along with AEB city & inter-urban.
– Speed assistance.
– Lane assist system.

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