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Top 10 Car Accessories

Whether you’ve bought a new car, are leasing, or have driven yours for years, it’s always great to personalise your car. There are loads of ways to do this, although they can get a little pricey. Paint jobs and getting custom wheels can set you back a fair amount, but don’t worry! There is a cheap and fun way to make your car your own: accessories.

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Stop Drop
Tired of constantly losing your keys, money and phone down the side of your car seat, then spending ages trying to fish it out one-handed whilst driving at the same time? Not anymore! With this nifty accessory that slots down the side of your seat, you won’t have to worry about losing anything ever again (unless you drop it under your seat instead). It fits easily over your seatbelt and acts as a buffer for all those bits and bobs we tend to drop in the car. Very useful!


Electric Tyre Pump
With this handy contraption, you’ll never be caught out again with a flat tyre. The easy-to-use machine simply plugs into the cigarette slot in your car. You just set the pressure and you’re good to go! It’s a compact and convenient way to pump up your tyres; especially useful if you’re a fan of travelling the great outdoors  to places like the beach or camping.

Air Fresheners
Everyone loves the smell of a new car, which you can smell all the time with the help of an air freshener! They’re a fun and simple way to spruce up your car, and they come in a variety of scents and shapes. You can get the classic pin scent, or opt for something a little more interesting with the Jellybean range. Also coming in a novelty range, they’re great for your own car or a gift for a car enthusiast.

Pet Hammock
Love taking your pets on car journeys but can’t stand the mess they make? You need a pet hammock. Easily fitting over the headrests of your car, it covers the entire rear  seat, and gives your pet somewhere to sit. It protects your car seats from getting scratched, or getting muddy paw prints all over the place. It can be easily cleaned and lets  your pets travel in style.


Sun Shade
Having a sunshade in your car is a great way to keep your car cool during the Summer and to shield small children from UV rays. You can opt for the plain black ones, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, can get ones with patterns and different colours. Kids will especially love ones with their favourite cartoon characters on.

Seat cover
If you have a messy job, pets, children, or passengers who enjoy kicking the back of your seat, then a seat cover is the way forward. It fits easily over the seat, and is easy to remove and wash. You’ll never have to worry about passengers too afraid to sit down in your car because of the dirt!

A fun way to personalise the outside of your car is through the use of stickers. You can put stickers anywhere on your car from the wing-mirrors, doors to the rear window and bumper. You can pretty much get any design too with things like paw-prints and flowers, or the classic ‘stickman family’, the possibilities are endless. You can even get eyelashes for your car too.


Cup holder
A necessary contraption for any car, especially if your car doesn’t already have one. It’s great for Summer days when you need somewhere to hold your ice-cold beverage, or somewhere to put your travel mug of coffee when you’re on your morning commute to work. They clip right onto your windowsill, very useful and simple.

Phone Holder
As it’s illegal to drive whilst using a hand-held device, having a mobile phone holder can be very useful. You’ll be able to make important calls hand-free whilst still driving, play music for it, or even use it as a satnav. A very practical and useful car accessory. They fit easily onto your windowsill or dashboard.

Breakdown Kit
Probably one of the most useful items on the list, is an emergency breakdown kit. All of the items inside will be incredibly helpful to you if you ever get stranded. You can either buy a kit or make your own. It’s also helpful to have a winter-focused kit too for dealing with snow and ice! They have lots of useful equipment inside such as a first aid kit, hi-vis jacket, tyre pump/gauge, hazard sign, torch, foil blanket, jump leads and much more. Definitely not something you want to drive without!


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