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Tips to Boost Your Credit Rating

It can be a huge knock down if you’re trying to apply for car finance and you don’t get accepted. The best way to avoid this is to try and improve it in every single way possible. Having bad credit can cause a high amount of stress when it comes to entering new contracts, but fear not, here are some top tips in order to boost your credit rating and make you more likely to get accepted.

Remember, lenders are becoming more and more flexible as the days go on and are starting to accept those with a lower credit score, but to be on the safe side always try and improve your rating. Bad credit car finance is available for those who cannot seem to improve.  

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If you’re not signed up on the electoral register, you may have difficulty in getting yourself credit. You can register online at or by post, this will then make things easier for you in terms of credit.

Check your file before major applications
It’s always the best to check your credit file before applying for any finance, even if you’ve had any issues in the past. There can be a number of errors which can then lead to you having quite a weak application. You can check your credit rating on websites such as Expedia, Callcredit and Equifax.

Keep up with payments
This is possibly the most obvious and most important tip in regards boosting your credit score. If you are missing payments or paying them later than their due date, this results in your credit rating decreasing and therefore there’s the stress of you possibly not being accepted.  

Keep finances separate
When sharing a house with friends or for university, you sometimes end up entering a shared finance agreement – you should really avoid doing this. If you do this, you’ll end up being associated with them in later life and if they have issues financially, this could potentially bring you down and affect your credit rating.

Limit the amount of applications you make
When you make an application, the companies tend to do a credit check which will then be shown on your credit report, it leaves a foot print. This will then send alerts that you are pretty desperate for finance and

Close any unused accounts
Make sure you close any unused accounts you may have as lenders tend to consider the amount of credit you have access to. You have to do this by contacting the provider as cutting them up will not work.

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Representative Example of Credit

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