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Tips for Buying a Used Car

Older cars cost less than cheaper ones
The older a car gets, the more the car will depreciate and therefore loose its full value. If you buy a car for £16,000, once you’ve had that car for a 2 years, the value will half (roughly). So you’re best choosing a car which is a year or two old, this way you’ll save money.

Is the car cheap to run?
When looking for a car, it may have a cheap price on its head but what’s it actually like to run? Try and stick to buying cars with a smaller engine as they won’t need a lot of fuel and therefore will save you money. Also, buying a diesel car may be more economical but it does cost a lot more than petrol.

Best time to buy a car
If buying from a dealership, the best times to buy are the end of March, June, September and December because they need to shift cars. This way, you’ll get the best deals as they’ll be more flexible.

Make sure the car you buy offers the features you need
It seems like an obvious thing but when buying the car you want, make sure it’s got everything you need – this saves you spending more money for add-ons. For example, are you using the car as a family car? If so, the car would need to be spacious and feature a good amount of storage space.

With dealerships, haggling is always the best way to go. They don’t tend to stick to the actual price labelled on the car, as there’s always room for them to budge, so never pay the full asking price. It’s what they are known for.

Make sure the car has nothing wrong with it – check everything!
You can do this by checking factors such as:
– Mileage, make sure that the mileage is correct for the cars age (10,000 per year is the average)
– Tyres, check for things such as tread and inflation
– Oil levels, check this by pulling out the dipstick and seeing where the oil lies
– Gadgets, if the car features a radio or a system, make sure it works correctly
– Overall appearance, make sure there’s no dents or scratches – you may need to look extra hard for this

Always test drive and make sure everything is perfect for you
When going to choose a new car, you should always test drive in order to make sure it’s definitely the one for you. You can figure out whether you like the whole driving experience, check if it’s comfortable enough, you can listen out for any abnormal sounds and see if it drives smoothly.

Get an HPI check
Doing this will be able to tell you the history of the car. For example:
– Whether to car has been stolen
– If the car was been written off
– Any previous accidents

There are other options if buying a car isn’t for you, this includes finance. You can use the car finance calculator to help you find the best deals for you. Bad credit van finance is also available if you’re looking vans rather than a car.

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