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How To Jump Start Your Car

car jump start cables

Did you know that one of the main causes of a car breakdown is a dead battery? This is why knowing how to jump start your car is a great skill to have; just like knowing how to change a tyre or check your fuel. So if you ever get to your car and find that the battery is dead, check out our simple steps below on how to jump start your car and get you back on the road.

What Causes A Dead Battery?
You can drain your car battery by leaving on your lights, radio, or anything else that can be left on whilst your engine isn’t running. So if you hop back into your car one day, and find that your car won’t start, then chances are the battery is dead and you’ll have to jump start it.

How To Jump Start Your Car
If one of the cars involved has an electronic ignition system, or is alternatively fuelled, then using jump start cables may damage the car.

1. Source someone with a car. You’ll need to attach cables to another car to help jump start your own vehicle. Make sure the battery on the other car has enough charge to jump start yours.

2. Get your jumper cables out. It’s smart to buy some and keep them in your boot just in case. If you don’t have any, find some you can borrow.

3. Make sure that both cars are in neutral and turn off the ignition. Put your parking brake on too.

4. Using the red clip, attach it to the positive battery terminal on your car. Place the other red clip on the positive battery terminal on the other car.

5. Using the black clip, attach it to the negative battery terminal on the other car’s battery.

6. The other black clip should then be attached to an unpainted metal surface on your car. Make sure that this isn’t near the battery.

7. Turn on the ignition of the car that is working, and leave the engine running for a couple of minutes.

8. Attempt to start your vehicle. If it’s not working, double check the cables are attached in the correct places.

9. Once your car is running, keep the engine running for 15 minutes or more, so that you can recharge the battery.

If after using the jump cables your car won’t start, then you may have more severe issues with your battery, and may have to call for help. If it does work, but the car won’t start up next time, then your battery is having a problem holding charge and may need to be replaced.

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