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How the Morrisons More card saves you money on your fuel and food shop

Apples, bananas, fuel. Whatever is on your shopping list, Morrisons supermarkets are there to make your weekly trolley sprees as straightforward and economical as possible.

As the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK, Morrisons are a role model for companies striving to be both more environmentally-friendly, and efficient when it comes to cutting costs for customers.

Whether it be on food or fuel, the supermarket can save you money in a smart way.

There are now over 59 Morrisons Petrol Filling Stations in the UK, some with shelves stacked with snacks, newspapers, fresh foods and everyday essentials as part of the brand’s line of Daily stores. 

If you are a regular at Morries, you may want to look into signing up for a Morrisons More card to benefit from:

5 Points per £1

Earn 5 More Points for every £1 you spend in store and online, including at our Cafes

5 Points per litre

Earn 5 More Points per litre when you buy fuel at Morrisons

Points on products

Earn More Points on selected promotions

Morrisons Fivers

Get a £5 More voucher for every 5,000 points you earn

Here’s what you can do with the card…

Rack up the points, not the miles

If keeping your shop low cost is a priority, the points you earn by topping up could replenish your cupboards. Remember to unload the shopping swiftly as removing excess weight from your car can also save money on fuel.

Funnel in a fair amount of fuel at a time during your weekly wade around the aisles and filling up throughout the week as often will be one less thing to worry about. However, avoid having a full tank at a time as regular top-ups are more efficient.

Check where your nearest Morrisons stores are so that you can plan when you need to refuel and take advantage of all the opportunities to prop up your points. 

Fill up and freshen up 

Morrisons petrol filling stations are located at 59 of their stores and offer all the fuels you’d expect – including LPG Autogas at some sites, as well as the benefit of carwash, jet-wash and vacuum facilities to scrub the car and steer away squeaky clean.

Most experts recommend washing your car at least once every two weeks to stop dirt and grime building up on the bodywork. 

Help the environment

Voted as the top UK company for its work to save the environment, the food makers have recently introduced paper carrier bags, as well as plastic-free fruit and veg areas, to their stores. 

To follow in the supermarket’s footsteps and take actions to sustain the environment, you may want to improve your driving style. 

Advice for ‘eco-safe driving’ and optimum fuel-efficiency from the Institute of Advanced Motorists includes:

Keeping your driving smooth

Gentle acceleration

Using the highest safe gear will use less fuel

Easing off the accelerator early when approaching traffic lights  

Checking your tyre pressures on a regular basis is important too. The surface area that’s in contact with the road increases when a tyre is under-inflated. The more surface area in contact with the road, the more drag on the wheel. Research has found that a tyre just 10 PSI under the recommended level can increase fuel consumption by 2.5%.

Bank the cash on Bank Holiday

From lowering prices on Bank Holidays, to special offers like 10p off every litre of fuel when you spend £50 or more in store, keep your eyes peeled for discounts if you sign up for the Morrisons More card.

You can find out more about this particular loyalty card here.

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