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Best Cars for Comfort

There are a few things which contribute to the comfort of a car which all combine into making your journey enjoyable, whether it’s a trip across the country or just nipping to the local supermarket. There are a variety of cheap cars on finance which offer high comfort levels, you just need to find the perfect one for you.

Comfort should be one of the main priorities of car manufacturers as comfort is definitely key.

What are the factors?
1. Suspension
The suspension does actually play a huge part with the comfort of a car. If the car has good suspension, it’s more likely to be smoother when going over potholes/bumps in the road.
2. Seating
This is probably the most important factor when it comes to the comfort of the driver and passengers. The seating would need to be made from soft and cushioned materials, along with a good shape which aims to support the body.
3. Driving Position
If your driving position doesn’t suit you, you’re more likely to ache when driving, so make sure your wheel and seats are adjustable. This way, driving for a long period of time won’t be an issue, as you’ll definitely be comfortable.

Car makers invest a lot of their money into making sure they produce the most comfortable cars on the road – but who actually manages to do this?
– Hyundai i10
This perfect little city car actually manages to pull it out of the bag when it comes to comfort which is surprising. The seating is perfect with adjustments available – it’s all great for the price.

– Volvo XC60
The Volvo XC60 does pretty well in terms of comfort as it features a perfect driving position, a high quality collection of materials and more.


– BMW X5
BMW are known for being luxury and that’s definitely true – especially in terms of the material choices and the comfort levels.


– Honda CR-V
SUV buyers tend to go for this specific body type for the raised height, but does the CR-V deliver? Of course it does! A good range of seat and steering wheel adjustments are available, what more do you need?

– Alfa Romeo Mito Cloverleaf
With its well-known name comes a high quality ride, just as expected. The driving position is brilliant with lowered seating and an adjustable steering wheel. You can’t really knock it.


– Audi A6
Audi are known for some of the most executive cars around with a A6 being one of them. Whether you choose the saloon or the estate, make sure you stand by the Premium Plus trim as comfort levels are through the roof.

– Nissan Qashqai
This family hatchback is flooding the roads right now, but why? Is it because of its classy interior, efficient engines or the practicality? All we know is that the high amount of comfort definitely contributes to the good name.


Why not finance a car which offers you the best seating, ideal for all journey lengths? Whether it’s an Audi or a Toyota, there are a range of different deals available to suit you and your needs.

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