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Best Car For A Road Trip?

At some point in their lives and especially in summer, everyone has thought about going on a road trip. It calls to our love of travel and adventure and with increased use of cars, it is an easy and in most cases one of the cheapest ways of travel. Instead of spending loads on train fares per person or for an uncomfortable coach, jump in your car with your friends and family and get out on the open road.

But the question is what car should you use?

When planning a road trip with your friends, you need to consider the qualities required in a car for the journey before choosing your car. First, it needs to have space if you are travelling for several hundred to thousand miles on a long trip. You can’t be all squashed up with your mates and your luggage. As well as space, your car needs to be comfortable. No point having hard sports suspension on a road trip if by the second or third day you are finding it unbearably rough and painful.

You may also wish to consider cruise control if you are travelling on motorways for a time to ensure that you can remain alert, save fuel and keep your comfort levels up. The final thing and maybe the most important thing to consider is the car’s creature comforts. It needs to good music system as music will be your main companion beyond your friends. Cup holders are essential for the drinks that are going to keep you going and great air-conditioning so you can switch between open and closed windows and still stay cool in winter.

Here are the top five cars to use on your summer road trip from each class.

Classic American feel – Ford Mustang V8

Like tea is very British, road trips and quintessentially American because of how large and sweeping the USA is and how they worship their cars in their lives and their films. So if you are interested in a road trip and an American bruiser to do the job, then you can look no further than the brand new Ford Mustang V8.

This car satisfies everything that you want in a Mustang with the power, the noise and the speed. This car lives up the cheap affordable nature that has made the Mustang so popular over the last half century by being almost half the price of its sports coupe competitors. It has 155 MPH top speed and hits 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and have 410 bhp. Not bad for a £35,000 car. If you want to feel like you’re in an American road film or just fancy hitting the roads for a long trip in a brutal power machine, then you cannot go worse than the new Ford Mustang V8.

Red Ford Mustang

Blow the bank Bentley – Bentley Continental GT

If you have the money to spend and you fancy a road trip where you can explore and spend then whether it is in Britain or abroad in Europe, you can’t do better than the Bentley Continental GT. There are two editions of this brilliant car, but the model of choice is the 4-litre V8 edition with 507 bhp, can sprint from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and has a top speed of 192 MPH.

Bentley has produced a fantastic grand touring car than is a comfy ride with great leather interior, a smooth but fast ride. It obviously isn’t the most fuel efficient vehicle with only 27 MPG but this car isn’t about fuel efficiency. It’s about owning the roads in style, comfort and speed and knowing that while on your road trip, heads will be turning when you rumble passed. Plus it has four comfortable seats so you can take three friends along with you in style.

Red Bentley Continental GT

Own the road on and off – Land Rover Discovery Sport

This car is perfect for a road trip. It has the space, seven seats and has the power to stay on the road or venture off into the wilderness if you wanted to. This car is great for families because everything inside it is functional and therefore means that all the seats are adjustable to everyone’s comfort. Also if you have a particularly large family or you want to bring some extra friends, then those two extra seats at the back make this the perfect car for a road trip.

If you are looking to go into the country side with A & B roads and avoid the motorways, then this car is perfect and at home there. It can handle any twisty roads thanks to its clever four-wheel drive system and highly responsive steering, meaning you can place the Discovery Sport anywhere on the road. Another reason this car is great for those long road trips is that Land Rover have improved the fuel efficiency and it now produces an impressive 57.7 MPG.

Red Land Rover Discovery Sport

Best Car in Class? Still is – BMW 3-Series

The BMW 3-Series has long been the best car in its class and for your summer road trip, there is still no better saloon to own. If you wanted a fantastic and fun drive on your road trip, then a BMW s-Series will deliver that in bucket loads. It’s great for zipping down country lanes or cruising on the motorway.

The interior is made of high quality plastics and excellent materials and there is adequate space for 4 adults to seat comfortable meaning you and your friends can chill out in style as you speed through the country of your choice this summer. And don’t worry about boot space. These car has enough for you to pack all the stuff you need and any extra items you buy during your adventure.

White BMW 3-Series

Hot Hatchback King – Ford Fiesta RS

The King of the hot hatchbacks is back with a new edition. The new RS model brings an aggressive look to the trip and you and your mates will love it. It has a four-wheel drive system that keeps the car planted when you need it to be but if you are on country roads and want to slide it a little when the road is clear, this car lets you do just that.

With its 2.3 litre engine it delivers speed and power by producing 350 bhp. It also has Ricaro sits meaning you can feel the sport rally nature of this car and its history as you are tearing up the roads on your trip. And don’t think this car isn’t great for long distance either.Top Gear recently took it on a 2000-mile trip in Europe and it conquered every terrain it encountered, so if you are looking for a fast, fun car that doesn’t smash the bank then the Ford Focus RS is available now.

Blue Ford Focus RS

The summer is coming and the road is calling so get out there and enjoy the sun and speed while you can. Don’t worry is you have bad credit, car finance is available with us. We have the majority of these cars and more available now if you are interested in bad credit for car finance.

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