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7 Tips To Find A Trusted Mechanic

Nowadays not many people know how to fix their own car. That’s why most of us will most likely take our cars into a mechanic when they need to be checked over and fixed. However, do you know which mechanics you can trust? Loads of people end up having bad experiences when they take their cars in, from rude service to exorbitant fees.

Finding a trustworthy mechanic can be a huge source of stress for people, which is why we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you find the best people to fix your car. Don’t forget, you can always bring your car down to our state-of-the-art service centre in Blackburn.

Do Your Research
Make sure to do all your research before settling on a mechanic. You can check out some reviews online and see what people are saying. Also, see what times they open and close, and how close they are to you. Can you pop in after work? Will it take you long to get there? Is it open on the weekend?

Ask Your Friends
Word of mouth is often a highly reliable way of finding a decent mechanic. Ask your friends and family what they think of their mechanics, and also ask for opinions on social media. If a place has a lot of negative reviews, it’s a definite warning sign.

Automotive Certification
Most decent mechanics these days will have all the necessary certificates, such as being ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified, or certificates showing proficiency in certain areas. Be careful however, as the ASE certificate doesn’t always guarantee that a mechanic is good at their job.

Get Quotes
Quotes can vary dramatically between mechanics, so make sure to get a couple of estimates from different places to see what kind of price you’re likely to have to pay. Getting multiple opinions is also a good chance to see whether the same mechanical problem gets diagnosed.

Go For A Test Trial
Before you settle on one mechanic, make sure to try them out first, by taking your car in for a small repair or oil change. This won’t cost much, and it will give you a good chance to see what the mechanics are like, how they treat you, and how long it takes for them to complete the job.

Take Your Time
Choose a mechanic when you’re not in a hurry. If your car is broken and you’re rushing to get it fixed, then making a quick judgement may result in you being stuck with a mechanic you’re unhappy with. So make sure to find a mechanic when your car is running smoothly and you’ve had a chance to scope out a couple of different places.

Garage Atmosphere
Pay attention when inside the actual garage and mechanic working environment. Asking to check on your car’s progress is a good time for you to make note of the garage atmosphere and decide whether it’s a place you want to take your car in the future.

If it looks like your car is beyond the help of a mechanic and you need a new one, then you should definitely have a look at some finance cars. We have hundreds of cheap cars on finance, so we can easily help you find your perfect car.

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