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Eligibility and affordability

To apply for car finance, you have a couple of options. You can either submit an enquiry on a vehicle and go through the application with your account manager or get approved online in minutes by using our quick and simple Apply Now feature. Neither will harm your credit score, and once approved, if you provide all your paperwork on time, and the lender is happy, it should only take a few days to get your finance in place. Get preapproved with no impact on your credit score
How much credit you can get depends on how much you can afford and your credit history. The more you can afford to pay and the better your credit score, the more you can borrow. How much money can I borrow for a car?
No, you don’t need to make a deposit on any of our vehicles. While a deposit can be useful and will lower your monthly payments, it’s not a requirement, and we work with several lenders who don’t require one. You will have to pay £49.99 to reserve your car, which is a separate fee. Learn more about no deposit car finance
Like all finance agreements, you must be at least 18 years old to apply for car finance. If you’ve passed your driving test but aren’t yet 18, you need to wait until your next birthday to apply.
Usually, you have to live in the UK for at least three years to be accepted for car finance. However, some lenders offer products for foreign nationals or returning British citizens. To be accepted, specific criteria must be met, including having a tenancy agreement in place, full-time work and proof of identity.
There’s no set amount you need to earn to be accepted for car finance. When looking over your application, your finance company will decide based on your current incomings and outgoings to make sure your new car is affordable. How to qualify for a car loan with low income
When lenders are judging whether to accept someone for credit, income is part of the process but doesn't necessarily state whether you'll be accepted. Lenders will also look at your credit history and affordability, so if you have a low income but a good credit score you could still be approved if you pick a vehicle you can afford. How to qualify for a car loan with low income
When it comes to car finance, being on the electoral roll could boost your chances of being accepted. That’s because it’s an essential factor in determining your credit score. When you register to vote, your electoral details are also recorded on your credit report. By registering, your score will increase and therefore, so will your chances of getting credit. Register for the electoral roll
No, you don’t always need to be employed to take out car finance. If you’re not, you may be asked to prove you have a regular income to cover the cost of your agreement.
Some of our lending partners accept Disability Living Allowance as a form of income. It doesn’t matter if it is your only form of income or if you supplement it with part-time work, some lenders will accept it, and our team is happy to advise on your options. How much money can I borrow for a car?
How much your monthly payments depend on several criteria. The cost of the vehicle, any deposit you want to make, how many miles a year you drive and how long your contract lasts are all contributing factors. On top of that, your credit history also plays a role. Typically, the better your credit score, the less you’ll pay – as you’ll qualify for a lower interest rate. Our team can let you know in minutes exactly how much you’ll pay each month for the car you want. Get preapproved with no impact on your credit score
Some lenders will offer you deals if you have a provisional licence, which allows you to buy a car to learn in before you pass your test. However, most lenders do require a full licence.
You may be asked to prove your identity, address and income before being accepted for car finance. Each lender has different criteria, so it’s often lender dependent. Learn more about no deposit car finance
You don’t need any documents to hand before you apply. Using our quick and straightforward Apply Now online service, we just need a few details from you - such as your name, age and employment - and we’ll let you know in minutes whether you’ve been approved. Register for the electoral roll.
When you submit your application, we’ll quickly let you know whether you’ve been approved. If you have, you’ll receive an invite to our online vehicle portal, where you can browse and shortlist cars that have been tailored to your acceptance as well as monitor your application progress. Once you’ve found the car you want, we’ll get the finance put in place for you, send you over all the documentation and organise the delivery of your new car. How to qualify for a car loan with low income

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