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Love Island Blues – How To Use Your Time Now It’s Over

Love Island, the TV show that took the nation by storm has ended for another year. What are you to do with your time now that you can’t go home, make yourself a brew and watch couples fight, break up and get back together for the cash prize of £50K?

Love Island

Well, whilst we are sad (somewhat) that Love Island is over too, we do have some suggestions for you. The best thing to do is to get out of your house and away from your television. Jump in your car and get away. There are plenty of things to take up your time.

Take a drive to see your friends

You may have gossiped over the show on Whatsapp and social media, but now it is time to return to face to face communication. Jump in your car and trek over to your best pal’s house. You can catch up over dinner and another brew (it’s Britain! A brew is always essential).

coffee with friends

Considering you have so many nights free now, you can plan a line of friend-dates and your time with them of course. A different one every night. Truly enjoy your journey there and back, because come the new season of Love Island, they will be dropped like a hot potato, for Whatsapp related gossip at 9 pm sharp, all over again.

Drive to visit the family

Your family should never be neglected really, but let’s be honest, seeing Kem and Amber win was worth the weeks of being quarantined in your room. And they weren’t making the effort either! (probably watching Love Island too).

Now it is time to reconnect. Go see your Mum and Dad and tell them stories of how their grandkids have been doing at school or maybe outline your stress from the day in the office. Catch up with your brother and sister and find out all of their news (whilst gossiping about Love Island face to face of course).

Go back to that hobby you gave up for Love Island

You may not remember this but before Love Island, you had hobbies or other interests. Now it is over for another year, you can collect your dusty equipment, load up your car and set off. Whether it is a quick drive to the gym to get into Islander shape or a drive into the country to take some great photography with your abandoned camera, just jump in that car and go.


Get as many hobbies in before the Island returns for its 2018 series.

Go through a drive-thru for tea

We are guessing you’ve been ordering in take away to ensure you don’t miss a second of the action in the villa. Well, time to treat yourself again. Jump in your car and head for the nearest and tastiest drive-thru.

Drive Thru

You can leisurely drive through, collect your food and even take your time eating it without time restrictions. If you don’t fancy a drive-thru, drive to your favourite restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal with the knowledge you aren’t missing anything exciting on TV.

Treat yourself to a car

Now, you have rediscovered life, friends and family, it is time to consider getting yourself a new car. All those folks on Love Island will be getting new cars so why not join them?

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