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Do You Miss These Old Car Features?

Cars have continued to modernise and become more technical, with many features now running electronically or by computers. This makes it all easier for the driver to focus on driving. Not having to use his hands for much else except steering, but are there any features you miss?

Are there features you don’t recognise because they had gone out of fashion before you started driving?

Bench seats

There was a period where American cars, in particular, featured bench seats. These were included in both the front and the rear with no arm rest in the middle. This was in a period where seat belts in the rear were not included let alone mandatory. This meant three passengers could sit in the back of the car with plenty of room. You could even include a child or skinny fourth passenger if you so desired onto the rear seats.

Tail fins

There was a time when the most stylish cars featured tail fins. Tail fins first appeared on the 1948 Cadillac after being inspired by the Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter plane. Over the next decade, tail fins grew in size as more and more drivers wanted their cars to look futuristic and space-age. They haven’t been seen on a car in many years.


Smoking in cars used to be seen as cool and sexy. That was until it became clear how damaging to our health smoking was, which is why ashtrays in cars were gradually faded out. When they came as standard, you would find an ashtray next to the electric lighter in the dashboard and others attached to the back of the front seats for rear passengers to use.

These days, you can get optional smoking packages in cars, but this is not always the case. It depends entirely on the manufacturer.

Actual keys

Immobilisers are all the rage now. It is far easier to push to immobiliser fob into the car and press the start button. It removes any hassle of having multiple items on your keyring. However, it does take away the feeling of having your own key. After all, we have keys that make our house our own, so why not have the same for our cars?

It is all about security, which is good and missing the old feel of a real key and turning it is entirely nostalgic, but still!

Attractive steering wheels

Let’s be honest, it is rare to find an attractive steering wheel in a car these days. Now, you get chunky, faux leather ones with big plastic coverings for the horn and airbag, which again is all down to safety, which is good. Though we do miss the classic and attractive designs of steering wheels gone by. Especially those polished wooden steering wheels.


T-Top roofs offered you great potential with having both a convertible and hard-top car in one car. You could remove the panels from either side covering the driver or passenger and store them in special bags behind the seats. This meant you could enjoy the sun without needing to remove the entire roof, back when convertibles were manual rather than automatic.

Windy windows

Some young people may be wondering why adults have such bulging biceps and forearms. It isn’t from lifting weights in the gym. It’s because the there was a time when electric windows were not a thing. This meant drivers and passengers had to manually wind their windows down and we can tell you that was a proper arm workout at a time. Especially on the hotter days when it was a race for who could get their window down before passing out from the heat.

Classic buttons, switches and knobs

Touchscreens and plastic buttons are all good and well. In fact, most touchscreens are now super cool to use, but there is something beautiful about the old metal knobs and switches you could play with whilst driving. What was more fun was the radio dial that allowed you to manual find your favourite station whilst driving?

Tape players

This will seem like a long time ago for some, but cars were regularly fitted with tape players before CDs became the popular item. In fact, you could get a CD player converter for the tape player. It was basically a tape with a black wire coming out of it into a CD player that allowed you to play CDs through your car stereo.

Today’s cars are still better

Whilst we do miss all these items for purely nostalgic reasons, modern cars are just better. You don’t have to mess around whilst driving. You can just focus on the road ahead of you. The windows lower automatically with the press of a button, the destination of your choosing can be swiped on your touchscreen and the air conditioning works automatically to your set temperature.

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