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Head Down To Your Local Drive-Thru Cinema For These Terrifying Car Films

There are many horror films that will terrify the living daylights out of you. However, there are films that show cars in a truly horrifying light and if you do fancy being terrified by a possessed car or psychotic stuntman, then check out these following films.

Death Proof

This Quentin Tarantino movie is about a psychotic stuntman called Mike. He owns a Chevy Nova at the beginning of the film, which he has modified to make it death proof for the driver only. At the beginning of the film, Mike murders a girl called Pam after offering her a lift. He then chases down Pam’s friend and runs them off the road. That is only the beginning and Mike has much more planned after he changes his car to a Dodge Charger.
I think a lesson to be learned is to not get into cars with strangers. Who knows if they have death proofed their car or not?

The Car

Satan roams the earth. But not with a demonic face, horns and spikes tail. No, he roams the Earth in the form of a Lincoln Continental Mark 3 in the film “The Car”. The car in question terrorises a local community, killing cyclists and police deputies and many more people.
No one ever sees a driver in the car and some even claim there is no driver. So what can the town sheriff do with a possibly satanic possessed car roaming his town’s streets looking for its next victim?

The Hearse

The Hearse tells the tale of a woman called Jane Hardy who arrives in the town of Blackford after her aunt passed away. She decided to stay in her Aunt’s home, but soon discovered that it was haunted by evil spirits because her aunt had been a devil worshipper when alive. However, when she tries to leave Blackford, she is pursued by a haunted hearse that was meant to deliver her aunt to her own funeral.

Jeeper Creepers

Imagine driving passed a local church and seeing a mysterious figure dumping something down a pipe next to a rusty Chevy COE van, what would you think?
That is how Jeepers Creepers starts.
The masked figure in the rusty truck appears again and again throughout the film. It is eventually revealed to be driven by a cannibalistic killer with wings called the creeper. The truth is that if you watch this film and then see that van, you will never want to stick around again.

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